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We provide timely, professional, honest, warrantied care, and we expect payment at the time of service unless there has been an agreement to a payment plan for more extensive treatment. 


We accept cash, debit or credit cards, checks and

Care Credit.

We make every possible attempt to provide you with a written estimate for prioritized treatment we recommend following your first visit and anytime we recommend treatment.

We accept and will bill numerous dental benefit plans, as long as they are not HMO/DMO/DHMO plans (requiring you to see a specific provider only) or Denti-Cal/Medi-Cal.  We are not contracted directly with any insurance companies as our Doctors are unwilling to compromise on quality of care to accommodate insurance-driven treatment.

Where possible, we will bill your dental benefit company for you and accept payment directly from them for their portion of treatment and will bill you directly for the difference. Some insurance plans will only reimburse a patient directly, so if you have this kind of plan, we will bill you for the amount of your treatment and you will get reimbursed for the insurance portion directly.

We look forward to serving you!

Financial Policy

Fee Schedule

We provide the highest quality care, staff, materials, and equipment for excellent health and wellness outcomes.


We are ethical, honest, and allow you to share your treatment desires so that we may respect them in providing your care.

Our fees reflect excellent quality, and a sensitivity to the need for affordability. 

We fall in the 60th percentile for most fees compared to other doctors in Napa County. We value trust and openness, and so are publishing our current fees below. 

Please note, if you are experiencing a dental emergency and cannot afford care, please reach out to us so we can help get you out of pain.


  • Prophylactic Cleaning - $125

  • CHILD Cleaning - $92

  • periodontal maintenance - $160

  • Fluoride treatment - $50



  • check-up exam - $68

  • check-up radiographs - $59-80

  • silver diamide treatment - $34

  • sealant - $75 ( warrantied for 2 years )

  • Oral cancer screening - complimentary

  • nutritional guidelines - complimentary

  • home care instruction - complimentary


  • TOOTH-COLORED CROWN/ONLAY/VENEER - $1470             ( warrantied for 5 years , usually lasts decades)

  • tooth build up - $357                                 ( warrantied for 2 years )

  • implant crown - $1640                               ( warrantied for 5 years , usually lasts decades)

  • custom implant abutment - $1030             ( warrantied for 5 years , usually lasts decades)


  • front tooth filling/bonding  $230-$390 depending on size and surfaces                                     ( tooth colored only, warrantied for 2 years, usually lasts 5-10+ )

  • back tooth filling/bonding  $245-$415 depending on size and surfaces                   (tooth colored only, warrantied for 2 years, usually lasts 5-10+)


  • tooth extraction - $204-$310

  • custom night guard - $645

  • full denture per arch - $2125

  • partial denture - $1625-$2285

  • temporary partial denture - $779

  • scaling/root planing - $224-322              ( per quadrant )

  • root canal - $1013-$1439                            ( depending on which tooth )

  • second opinion - complimentary             

New Patient Information

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